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Instruments that we use, in order to answer to requirements of careful Customers to demands for market and sensitive to problematic ones, aim to conjugate belonging field's needs and to satisfy them, with offered opportunities of renewal from geographic and economic scenes in which it operates.
In order to guarantee to agencies and enterprises the attainment of high standards quality we adopt methods that aim to plan participation strategies, leaving from the analysis of resources on hand, carried out by means of deepening of dynamics of market and forces that operate in it and study of products, of enforced norms, social-economic woven of reference and cultural factors, economic and political present over there, harmonizing them with characteristics of adressees of our actions.
This allows us to characterize, with precision, means and distances more adapt for the realization of goals, allowing us to animate developing choices and to support factors that affect their outcome.
Our System of Management for Quality has been conceived thinking not to every single activity from we carried out, but next to the entire relationship that bond us togheter with the Customer; it is susceptible of continuous improvement in order to contribute to increase efficiency of process more complex where we make part and, through this way, to optimize performances of Customer and to increase its satisfaction.
In this point of view, process is like that activity managed in such way to concur, through use of resources, transformation of input in output, to create added value and constant stimuli to improvement.
Buisness process control is made applying model known like “wheel of Deming”, characterized from running application and continues “Plan-Do-Check-Act” (PDCA).
This model previews:

  • one first phase of Plan in order to define objects and necessary processes to obtain results in agreement with requirements of Customer and with political of organization;
  • a second phase of Do for giving practical performance to the process;
  • a third phase of Check to control and measure processes and products in front of political, objects and relative requirement to products/services and in order to bring back results;
  • a quarter phase of Act in order to adopt actions to upgrade in continuous way performances of processes.
The application of this model to every carried out activity allows us to increase effectiveness and efficiency of every process and to upgrade and to value effects.

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