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Our advisers assist Customer in all choices that accompany determining moments on the way to change, helping them in the search of solutions more appropriated for optimization of business management and in order to favor the removal of problematic ones that slow down the increasing process.
With concreteness and absolute transparency, members of Proind team work with tightened synergy in order to guarantee to Customer advising strategies integrated and personalized and in order to plan participations that allow enterprises and agencies to effective and sure investments.
Every element of the group operates in close collaboration with the others in order to supply a valid service to support every business activity, during all its phases.
Our technicians can use a remarkable baggage of acquired competences through working experiences, search, studies and advising in fields of finance, economy, administration, formation and technology, also thanks to periodic formative sessions that guarantee modernization of specific acquaintances in participation fields.
Results that gave us strenght and commercial solidity in field of direction advising have been achieved thanks to seriousness, preparation and experience that contraddistingues every element of our corporate structure.
In order to allow the realization of plans and participations of remarkable dimension and complexity, we act in tightened contact with connected societies “PROGECO” (Limited liability company) of Taranto and “INFOTEAM” (Limited liability company) of Turin, assets in fields of technological innovation of product and process and in ICT (Information Communication Technology).

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