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What PROIND is

PROIND (Limited liability company) is one society of planning and distribution of services of directional advising and facilitated finance operating from 1983.
Experience that our society offers is turned to guarantee to agencies and enterprises of every field and dimension the satisfaction of needs connected to market requirements, assisting them and guiding them during the development of entrepreneurial activities, innovation of technologies and managerial methodologies, planning of formative distances.
Competitiveness of the group has been constructed refining a strategic model, proposing correct solutions to Customers’ problems, and has been strengthened from adhesion to two consultation network of European Union and from adoption of a System of Management for certifyed Quality according to Norms ISO 9001:2000 and UNI 10771:1999 - Management Consulting (Given first certification 17/07/2002, successive date of renews 14/02/2005).

Certificazione PROIND

Activities of society go from the realization of plans of company and plans of financing to the services of economic and organizational advising (management, planning of development, marketing, distribution and logistics); from the analysis of informative systems to the development and planning of formative distances and for professional qualification; from the services of technological transfer and intermediation to the improvement of image, for publicity and communication; technical attendance for agriculture and advising for corrected surrounding management of enterprise activities.
The wider engagement of PROIND develops in particular in favor of small and averages enterprises that want to verify their operative level and that want to be guided towards improvement of business processes and products; moreover PROIND works for benefit of private subjects and public ones of every dimension that want to realize new investments in the industrial areas and in the services ones.
For the attainment of companies’ objects, agencies and organizations, PROIND can boast a consolidated experience in planning, and in urban planning, selection and formation of the staff, in electronic commerce, processes of internationalization and adoption of systems of management for quality, environment and security, beyond the advanced directional attendance exercised through sophisticated instruments, for instance temporary management and general contractor.
The society is active in writing plans of financing and ordinary financing and operates as Mediating Credit enrolled to Italian Exchange Bureau (from 9 January 2002, to n° 12518).
In field of technological innovation, the action of society is developed instead through activity of search and territorial analyses, plannings and realizations of multimedia applications and advisings for optimization of informative level.

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